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Frequently Asked Questions

You may have some questions and we've likely heard them. Our top asked questions and answers, are listed below for your reference. If your question didn't make our leaderboard, please contact our Customer Support Team at

Getting Started | Gaming Tables | Customer Care | Technical

Getting Started

I have downloaded the software - where is it?

When the Juicy Stakes software has been successfully installed to your computer, a Juicy Stakes icon will appear on your desktop. Simply double-click on this icon to launch the Juicy Stakes software and you'll be taken immediately to our Game Lobby.

My password isn't being accepted?

Entering an incorrect password can often result in an 'unable to validate password' code. As passwords are case sensitive, check to ensure your Caps Lock is off. If your troubles persist, select the 'forgot password' button and a new password will be issued to the e-mail address as listed on your Juicy Stakes account.

How do I get started at a table?

Our games: Once you've successfully downloaded our free Juicy Stakes software, simply double-click on the Juicy Stakes icon on your computer desktop to launch the software. The first screen you'll see is our main lobby. Select the tab that best meets your gaming needs, or simply browse around to check out our action.

Getting Started with your new account: You will need to create a Juicy Stakes Player Account prior to joining any play or real money games. To create your new Juicy Stakes account, select the 'Log In' button when the software launches and choose the 'Sign Up Now' button. Complete the required information fields to get started.

Getting Started at a table: From the top of the Juicy Stakes lobby screen select either the 'Ring Games' or 'Tournaments' button. Just below, you can select the desired type of game and a list of tables or tournaments will be generated below. If you wish to sort the games by a particular preference, simply click on any of the column headers and this will arrange the list accordingly. To choose a specific table or tournament from the selected list, double-click on the desired game (or click 'Join Table' at the bottom the list)

How do I set up my account for real money?

When you're ready to get started at our real money tables, you must set up your Juicy Stakes Players Account as a real money player. This can be done by visiting the Cashier tab. From there, you'll be asked to complete all the necessary fields of information, read and accept the Juicy Stakes Agreement, and validate your email address by following the instructions below:

  1. Visit the 'My Profile' tab and click the 'edit' button beside your e-mail address.
  2. Input your new e-mail address or existing e-mail address and click 'submit'.
  3. We will automatically send you a link in a validation e-mail.
  4. Click on that link to validate the new e-mail address.

When I try to validate my E-mail address I never receive a validation E-mail.

If you do not receive a validation E-mail within 5 minutes of submitting your request please do the following:

  1. Check you have entered your e-mail address correctly. Please note that there is no need to include 'www.' before your e-mail address.
  2. Check your spam/junk mail folder. Juicy Stakes does not engage in the sending of unsolicited e-mails, however, some aggressive mail filters may inadvertently identify our E-mails as spam.

If you remain unable to receive your verification e-mail it is likely that your e-mail provider is rejecting our e-mails. In order to address this problem we ask that you establish a web based e-mail account at either or and register this new e-mail address on your Juicy Stakes account. You can register your new e-mail address on your Juicy Stakes account by means of the edit button beside your e-mail address on record in the "My Profile" tab in the Lobby screen.

Game Tables

Am I able to play poker for free before I begin playing for real money?

Juicy Stakes is pleased to offer play money games to allow players the opportunity to familiarize themselves with our software, and the game of poker. To locate our play tables, select "Ring Games" at the top of the lobby screen, followed by "Play Money". By selecting "All", you'll be able to view all our play money table offerings. You may filter the list further by clicking on a specific game type.

How many play-money chips do I start with?

You will be given 1,000 play money chips to start. If at any time your play chip count drops below 1,000, simply click on the Dealer's tray and your stack will be refreshed.

How do I make notes on a player?

When you are at a table, there is a "Note" tab located on the bottom left of the game screen. This feature allows you to make notes on any opposing players by selecting the desired player from the drop down menu (all players seated at your table will appear in your selection). From there, you simply need to type in any comments you wish to make and they will stick with that player regardless of any Player ID changes they may make. In addition to the notes, you are able to apply a color coded label identifying the type of player that they are.

How do I know if Notes have been made on a player?

If you see a small color box in the right hand corner of an opposing player's nameplate, there are already notes available to you from a previous entry. This is quite handy since Juicy Stakes allows players to frequently adjust their Player ID.

How can I check the outcome of a hand I was in?

The "Last Hand" button is located below the current hand number and can be clicked to provide an immediate review of the previous hand. You will also find the Hand History in text format, in the folder where you installed Juicy Stakes located within your personal computer files.

Customer Care

I am not getting a response to my questions when I e-mail the Support Team?

We aim to reply to all customer service e-mails within 10 minutes. As some require more detail and investigation of an issue, response time may vary based on the nature of your inquiry. You will receive an e-mail confirmation from Juicy Stakes when we have received your inquiry, to let you know we are working on an answer.

If you find that you are not receiving the confirmation e-mail promptly after submitting your inquiry we would suggest that you have a look in your Junk Mail folder. Juicy Stakes does not engage in the act of sending unsolicited e-mails however some aggressive mail filters may mistakenly identify our e-mails as spam and treat them as such.

Poker Room Etiquette

What are the rules concerning chat at the tables?

Players using offensive language on the chat tool will be subject to a chat warning or a revocation of their chat privileges. Chat that is not permitted on Juicy Stakes includes (but is not limited to) profanity, begging, solicitation, chat flooding and advertising. Please note that Juicy Stakes allows only English chat.

Can I block chat?

There are a few means of removing chat from your game. If you'd like to mute the entire table, simply adjust your Chat in the drop down menu by selecting, 'Dealer Only'. Alternatively, you can block out chat player by player. To do this, go to the 'Notes' tab in the bottom left corner of the table screen, select the specific player from the drop down listing and choose 'ignore'.


Why is the auto-upgrade not working?

In some cases, auto-upgrading will not work. This can be due to local caching and firewall issues, which prevent our software from properly upgrading itself.

You may access the most recent version of the Juicy Stakes software by clicking here.

Select the JuicyStakesSetup.exe hyperlink to begin the process.

Choose 'Run program from its current location', select 'Open File' and save it to your computer.

How can I make the game screen fill my entire computer monitor?

In order to fit the game window to fill your screen you will be required to adjust your screen settings using the instructions below:

Changing Screen resolution:

  1. Go to your desktop and double-click "My Computer"
  2. Double-click "Control Panel"
  3. Double-click "Display"
  4. Choose the "Settings" tab along the top
  5. Adjust your "Screen Area" (resolution) to 800x600
  6. Adjust your "Colors" to "High Color (16 bit)"
  7. Press OK
  8. Try running Juicy Stakes again

I don't have any sound.

Please ensure that you have a valid sound card and your speakers are not set to mute. Check to see that you have sounds selected via the Juicy Stakes 'Options' tab. The Chat Tab in the bottom right corner of the Table Screen contains an 'Options' Button where you can select 'all', 'alerts only' or 'silent'.

Do you have a MAC version?

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer a version of our software specifically designed for the MAC. Many of our users, however, have successfully employed a PC emulator to enjoy our games or the instant play version which can be used on Safari. Please visit our Download Page for full details.

Why is my game so slow?

The communication between your machine and our servers has been optimized for the fastest response. If you notice that your game is moving slowly, there are two likely explanations:

  1. The players on the table are taking a long time to act when it is their turn.
  2. You may not have a good connection to the Internet.

How will I play if I am connected to the Internet through a firewall or proxy server?

Please ensure that your firewall is set to permit connections to the Juicy Stakes servers. There is no need to disable your firewall however you will need to ensure that your server is set to accept connections to the following IP addresses: to In addition you will need to ensure that ports 80, 433, 8048, and 8049 are open.

What happens to my hand if I get disconnected while I am playing?

If you are connected to the game server when it is your turn to act in any real money ring or tournament game, and you timeout by not acting within the allowable 25 seconds, your hand will be set to 'Fold to Any Bet' (this will cause you to check if the action is checked to you, or fold if there is action to you).

In a multi-table tournament, you'll be given more time to reconnect and when that time expires, your Extra Time will engage if you have money invested in the pot. At expiry of time in the Extra Time, you will be folded, except in the case of the final table at which players will be given up to 240 seconds to re-establish connection prior to being folded.